6 | Birthday Period.

For the past three years, my period falls around my birthday. This is both a curse and a reward.

A curse because, as you can imagine, it's devastating.

I have terrible PMS - my estrogen levels take a sharp plunge suddenly so my life seems bleak. I have to constantly remind myself that life is good and nothing is on fire (metaphorically).

Then, it's the physical symptoms.

I tolerate back pains very well, just as one would tolerate an old school friend. They just visit you once in a while ask annoying questions then disappear. So that's nothing to write home about.


I. am. exhausted. Can I sleep at night? no, because insomnia hits me during my PMS too and my body becomes so warm like it's about to bake a cake.

My whole body feels pushed even when I'm just at my desk the whole day, working. My daily walk is a newish part of my life that I enjoy (thanks pandemic) but on PMS days, I wrestle with myself to even put on "going out" pants.

A reward because, as someone recovering from unhealthy work habits, it makes it easier for me to step away from work and rest.

I know this is not the healthiest of mindsets but like I said, recovering from systems ingrained since childhood.

I also don't feel obliged to go out paragliding (again) or kayaking on the river Po (not yet). Sometimes I don't want to do overly exciting things on my birthday, it's too much to expect from people. We're just starting to come out from a pandemic..

It's a lot easier for me to rest without feeling like I need to work.

I know I'm going to walk and write a lot tomorrow but only because these things make me happy.

For the most part, I will be staying under the duvet of hotel blankets, eating, and binging on shows.


OH! Today at Piazza Castello, a group of Peruvian immigrants celebrated an electoral win. They were so happy after days of worrying about a less-than-fit politician winning the seat.

Here's a short video of that celebration

[insert video]

I hope you learned, laughed, and had a good one out there!



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