5 | It's a Sunday that felt like a Sunday

I haven't had this Sunday feeling in a long while - I don't mean one where anxiety looms over you because you realise tomorrow is Monday. It had a chill vibe.

So chill that I decided to watch A documentary about the wife of a dictator who still thirsts for power and tries to get her son elected (2019). It was recommended to me by mistake, courtesy of my failing ears; a friend had suggested The Cakemaker (2017).

Instead of a romantic drama, I caught a glimpse of the Marcos matriarch. It confirmed everything I had learnt about the family and their rule in The Philippines. (Hint: nothing good)

If you ask me (I know you're not), here are some HUGE red flags from politicians:

  • Joking about your supporters eating your shoes (in cake form)

  • Telling your supporters that it's embarrassing to fly coach and that you had to borrow money from friends to fly first class (yes, what's more embarrassing than being one of the people, am I right? Because flying coach makes you morally corrupt?? tf.)

  • Announcing that you have $100 million in excess, so you revamp the palace and export wild animals from Africa to one of your islands. What successful nation-building doesn't feature both of these?

I'm sure there are many more points to highlight, but I've done enough to ruin the vibe of this post.

If you want to know more, I'd definitely recommend the documentary, just not one a restful Sunday.

So apart from me laughing sardonically at the screen and rolling my eyes continuously, it was actually quite a chill Sunday.

Walked around the city today not expecting to enjoy the crowd, but the air was different and people looked happy. It's infectious. I still keep my mask on.

I hope you learned, laughed, and had a good one out there!

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