4 | And Finally Ayam Penyet (almost)

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes, I went to the store to get the cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic, (no fennel). All powder, no shame here.

Yes, I followed the (part of) the recipe to make the ayam penyet, the soup, and the rice.

Yes, there were no leftovers.

But I couldn't make the sambal because I have a plan that I'm following. It's like this - the whole recipe needs time, especially the sambal. I broke it into parts. Today was part 1.

Part 1 is basically making the chicken, soup, and rice.

Part 2 is part 1 + the sambal.

I don't want to hear your complaints or judgement because it pained me enough to eat it without sambal. I just think it's better this way.

I was right. I'd overestimated the size of my wok and got two chicken parts with no reservations at all.

Came home, prepped everything (see pictures somewhere in this post), then realised my kuali (wok) was not big enough to evenly deep fry one of these.

In other words, the chicken was not cooked as well as I wanted and the crispy skin? Don't have crispy skin today.

It's okay, I'm that kind of a craftsman; I need the first time to know what I shouldn't be doing all the other times.

Next time, crispy skin, I promise, and the sambal. Smaller chicken parts too.


There was also a writing class today that I was looking forward to all week. I won't say it's bad but it wasn't as advertised?

I'd thought we'd learn industry tips about writing a certain topic - so lecture + exercises. But it was more conversational with some exercises. I enjoyed this communal aspect of the workshop very much, just wished I had learnt more.


In the end, the day was long and tiring even though I wrote this on my to-do list:

"mostly rest without feeling guilty or FOMO for not working."

I'm working on it, thank you very much.

In any case, I hope YOU had a restful Saturday.

I hope you learned, laughed, and had a good one out there!

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