3 | Cozze e Vongole non Pollo

[*subtitles* Mussels and Clams, no Chicken]

The great news is that I set out a plan for Nimble & Poised, followed it, and got so much done today. Super grateful for this.

The good news is that I changed out of my indoors clothes and into my outside clothes.

The not-so-good news is that I still haven't visited Than Tan so I don't have the things I need for Nasi Ayam Penyet. I hope this isn't going to be my lamingtons.

[insert picture]

I'm also writing this while buzzed thanks to the aperitif at Kipling - which was good?? We were there at 8 pm, which is late for an aperitif on a Friday night in Italy cause they start getting ready for their dinner service.

But the waitstaff was so nice and he got us a quiet table somewhere - he actually gave us a choice between two - and of course, I made the quick decision to sit us next to a wall. Brava.

When the waiter arrived the second time, Francie got the Piedmontese plate instead of the seafood plate after he heard me say "oh no, got salmon!" He loves salmon. Dining-out-panic is a real thing.

Later at dinner, the waiter brought out my spaghetti with mussels and clams in a cast iron pan and a bowl for the emptied shells. Got tomato sauce splatters on my shirt removing the shells and no complaints.

[insert picture]

Okay, so tomorrow, I'm going to get the ingredients to fry the ayam (chicken) for the ayam penyet.

Please pray for me. Tyvm.

I hope you learned and laughed and had a good one out there!

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