2 | Nasi Ayam Penyet Dreams

Not a great day.

I took one hour at a time (edit: made it!)

I saw an improvement today since I took the time to recover instead of just working through it, like the unhealthy person I used to be.

For my afternoon distraction, I watched Plan B (2021) with some air-fried fries (pls don’t). Sunny and Lupe are adorable ~

It continues to perplex me that women and people who menstruate don’t have complete control over our bodies. I should be able to decide what I allow to grow inside me – that’s why “fuck cancer” is a saying.

Daydreamed about Nasi Ayam Penyet too. I’ve been eyeing her recipe for a while now:

Che Nom has this YouTube channel and a blog that make their way into my dreams; dreams about a pantry fully-stocked with all the Malay/SEAsian ingredients.

So tomorrow I’ll change into outside clothes, go outside, look for them in my local SEAsian supermarket. I really want to be friends with the lady who runs the place but I can’t find my Italian words when I’m there.

I’ll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, look at Che Nom’s Nasi Lemak Bungkus:

I hope you laughed and learned and have a good one out there!

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